Not A Meerkat Monday #9: Camels

While camels are at home in desert-like environments the Kalahari Desert is not included in their native rage. Camels can live to be 50 years old and have only two toes. There are three camel species but the dromedary camel known for its single hump is the most widely distributed. Camels humps are actually made... Continue Reading →

Not A Meerkat Monday #8: Sulcata Tortoises

Sulcata tortoises do share the Kalahari Desert with meerkats, in fact meerkats have been known to steal their eggs. The tortoises are always too slow to catch them... Also known as 'African Spurred Tortoises' and is the third largest turtle species in the world. They can live for 70 years and grow to weight up... Continue Reading →

Not A Meerkat Monday #6: Goats

Goats are a domestic animal found on many farms and in many petting zoos. Though the meer characters never meet any goats I'd guess that they'd like them. Goats have sweet, loving personalities and seem to enjoy The Meer Series. Their apatites are also voracious. Goats are herbivores with a lifespan of up to 18... Continue Reading →

Not A Meerkat Monday #3: Giraffes

The mighty giraffes, icons of Africa, are referred to as "gods" by the meerkat characters of The Meer Book Series because of their amazing height. A two-foot-tall meerkat standing on their back legs could never hope to reach heights of up to 18 feet, which is how tall giraffes can get. Their patterns of spots... Continue Reading →

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