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There’s Only One Way Home…

When Veg, a wandering young tom from the trailer park, is captured by the vile Professor he’s certain that his life is over. The twisted human woman locks him in her basement with four other cats and repeatedly takes him to The Man In White, who seems to enjoy tormenting him. The Professor calls Veg’s prison Kitty City and has brainwashed all the other cats to believe she’s good. Veg somehow manages to convince Prichard, one of the Professor’s curious pets to help him escape, but can they make it past killer canines and the Professor’s clever traps? And if they do succeed in escaping Kitty City what of the world, and the actual city, beyond? Veg’s going to need all his street-smarts if he’s going to make it home to Sunny Grove Trailer Park…

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Clay hates his name. He has since the whole family witnessed Quiet, a bully of a pup, push him into a pit of clay. When a leopard begins terrorizing The Powers family of meerkats, Clay seizes the chance to prove his worth and maybe even make a new name for himself. But first he’ll have to be brave enough to face the most dreaded enemy that The Powers have ever known, he’ll have to challenge terror alone…

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Dark clouds are gathering over the savannah. The young lioness Saga must hide a costly secret, she is carrying an enemy male’s cubs. If The Pride finds out she could be exiled or worse. Even when among friends she’ll have to watch her every move. Rebellious leopard Fana is tired of seeing her mother fail. Every year the baboons claim more and more of their territory until there’s nowhere and nothing to hunt. Her mother forbids her to hunt on baboon ground but when Fana ignores her warnings, she finds herself in deep water. And across the plains unruly cheetah Bach is about to experience his first dose of real life. When he and his brothers return to the den to find their mother missing, Bach will do anything to find her, even if that means putting himself in danger. As tensions rise and blood is spilled will Saga, Fana, and Bach survive the ultimate storm?

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Literature Approved

Reviewers are just professional "fangirls".

Karina Teuma

Sydney Marine Life, Marine Biology, Snorkelling, Freediving, Scuba Diving

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