The Devil In A Box


I am alone in this room.

My breath and my heartbeat my only companions.

The walls are barren,

The floor smooth and dull,

The door a solid slab of concrete.

Whoever designed this place must be a real fun person,

I bet this person is named something like

John and his face is etched with lines of

Ethereal boredom. 

I wonder where the boss upstairs finds such

Listless people.

Says something about him huh?

The boss?

Ringing a bell?

Not yet?

Ah, soon enough I assume.

My clothes are simple,

White t shirt,

Gray sweatpants.

I look the part of

the epitome of lost hope.

That’s just how I want it.

Let the slaves think I’m lackluster,

As soon as I’m out they’ll realize their mistake and switch to the right side.

Now I’ll just bide my time.

I’ve got plenty of it.

There’s no way for me to tell time in here.

I presume that there’s a camera somewhere,

Peeking from a corner,

Twisted pervert,

Always watching.

I smirk to myself sometimes,

Nothing like something utterly warped to

Get my blood pumping.

I do know that

At the same time every day 

There’s a fluttering that hovers just beyond me,

On the other side of the door.

A guard checking up on me,

Their only prisoner.

Really, I didn’t do anything that bad.

You’ve heard of a revolution, haven’t you?

Yeah well, I led one of those.

I almost won it too.

Don’t worry, though. 

I’m planning another ploy to

Take out that power hungry maniac upstairs. 

Maybe you should start pondering what side you’ll be on.

What’s that face for?

Oh the wink. 

It’s just something people do when they are in on a secret.

What secret are you in on?

Wow. You were made in his image weren’t you?

Yikes, that’s disturbing.

Anyway, you’ll find out soon enough.

See this key? 

Lovely bronze craftsmanship, I know.

I especially enjoy the screaming skull on the handle but that’s beside the point. 

What’s it for?

It is terrifying how incredibly dense you humans are.

No offense.

Anyhow, the key hole is in the back of my throat-



Are you an idiot?

Wait-don’t answer that. I already know.

Do you even know who I am?

You don’t?

Why am I grinning?

This just got a lot more interesting.

Here, child. Come closer. 

Stare into my eyes.

No, not in a romantic way. Unless you want it to be romantic-

You don’t?

Well, good. 

Where were we….

Yes lean closer, stare into my eyes.

Yes they are supposed to be that orange.

Yes like flames-

Wait you can see flames reflected in them? 

Good, good.

Why am I steepling?

I just really enjoy steepling.

What do the flames mean?

Haha! What do the flames mean!

You’re a riot you know that?

It means you’re about to die,

But it was really fun meeting you

And I don’t regret a thing.

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Literature Approved

Reviewers are just professional "fangirls".

Karina Teuma

Sydney Marine Life, Marine Biology, Snorkelling, Freediving, Scuba Diving

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